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Sunday, October 28, 2012

School Starts and Big Changes in life for Me...

            My babies started school! It was a bitter sweet day. I never liked the first day of school from the time I was young. I remember having a sick feeling in my stomach. I'm not sure why? Probably a combo of reasons. School means summer is over. Oh how I always hate to see it leave, I do love summer oh so much. Also the  beginning of the school year makes me feel older. This year seemed to be a day I dreaded. Is it really fair to send both your kids to school the same year and be at home with no kids. Isn't this supposed to be a gradual thing? It wast for me.

                Ty was the first to leave he gets to be picked up on the bus. He started the the early education program at Stansbury Elementary. He was excited but I don't think he really knew what was going on. I had the hardest time with him leaving to school. He is my baby and so small to be going to school. When he got on the bus my eyes swelled with tears. Time goes too fast and I don't like it. I cant believe that he is big enough to go to school. I composed my self well because Chloe was next and so excited and ready. I didn't want to dim on her excitement. Once Ty left she couldn't wait for her turn.

            I walked her to her classroom. She hung up her backpack and she was so excited. Every day since she still has that same excitement. Everyday that is a school day is a good day for Chloe. She loves kindergarten so much. She comes home and tells me a million things she has done at school. I have been volunteering and its so fun to see her friends and see what she does at school. A few weeks ago I was volunteering and was about to leave and Mrs. G said "Chloe is seriously so cute" and this boy shouts out, "yes she is". The whole class laughs. I seriously couldn't stop laughing at this. It was so funny this cute little boys instant reaction. Apparently he had noted in his mind she was cute. I love that she is at a age that this didn't even embarrass her.

                 On top of school starting I got a new job. I have been there a month now and I must say it is my dream job second to being a mom. I work in Labor and Delivery at Mountain West Medical Center. I am the newest L & D nurse. It has been so much fun and makes me want another baby so much. It has been great to see that things to go right after Ty's experience. My drive time is only 5 minutes now. OHH how I tell me husband every day I work, "I have the best job ever". I'm pretty sure I might stay here forever... "SIGH" I come home from work so much happier than my previous rehab job.

Since I am always behind on the blog. I can update on the kids progress and school because we had parent teacher conferences a few weeks ago.
Chloe has the cutest teacher Mrs. G, I fell in love with her the moment I met her and pretty sure she is the best teacher ever. Chloe has had so much fun in her class. We received great report. She said Chloe is just so sweet. She also was very impressed by her imagination and artistic ability. She has started reading little books. She loves library day and computers.
Ty has come home telling us little tidbits  about school like, "there is only one girl in his class and Mrs. Kathy had to carry him because his legs hurt. He never tells us anything he learned just little tidbits of information. I was excited to meet is teacher because I had no idea if these things he was saying were true or if it was just made up.  Well he's smart despite what anyone says. I'm a little tired of getting letters in the mail from his cognitive test telling me he is behind. Those test are complete BS. There I said it! I started asking Mrs Kathy if there is only one girls in his class like Ty had told us, she replies, Yes! and Tyson loves her. Her name is Ava and Tyson has to always be right next to her. I laughed so hard at this. She was really concerned because Tyson just seems so tired. He falls asleep on the way home from school on the bus. She said that he just sits on the playground like he is to tired to walk. They were also concerned about his OT skills and he is now in adaptive PE. We switched Ty to mornings to see if that helped but they still tell me he seems so tired. I cant figure it out he doesn't act tired at home and even when he doesn't get a nap. So the past few weeks Ive come up with 2 reasons as to why this TIREDNESS appeared out of now where. It has thrown me for a loop. A. He is testing is waters to see what he can get away with. or B. He really is tired and falling a little behind and we haven't noticed because he isn't around a ton of kids his age. Also maybe we don't realize how hard things actually are for him. Mostly I'm trying not to be to concerned at this point.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


In September we got the chance to go to the Brigham City Temple Open House. It was great to be able to take the kids inside the beautiful temple. Jared was working so it was just me and my parents and the kids. After we got to go to my favorite restaurant Maddox. It was a great evening. I never though we would have a temple so close to the place where I grew up. I love my religion.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I might have an addiction!

Here are more pictures I took of the kids. I am loving the look of fall just not the coldness. I had to turn on my heater this weekend. Boo!!! I want nice weather back already!

My Picture taking adventures....

Ever since I was young I have loved taking pictures and dreamed of being a photographer. Thankful to my dad he bought a DSLR camera several years ago and a awesome lens which I have adopted. I have had fun learning to take pictures and get excited when I get beautiful pictures. Thankfully Chloe is great to let me take pictures of her. She is the perfect model.

What do you think of them?