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Saturday, December 22, 2007


My friend Kami tagged me. My first tag here we go. "7 things you may or may not know about me."
#1 I love the First snow storm of the season. It is so exciting! After that I really hate snow. I hate being cold and driving in it.

#2 To all of you who think I am a bad driver. I have never got in a wreck and have only got two tickets for speeding.

#3 I love kid food. I am very picky and like my food simple. My favorite kid food is Processed cheese and cracker sticks. I also love macroni and cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets and most anything that kids like.

#4 I live in the best neighborhood ever. I am truly grateful for moving to Stansbury Park. I feel like we fit perfectly in it. Thanks all you Stansbury Park girls. I love how we all sit in our front yards in the summer and visit. I also love how the cool place to hang out in the summer is our little park. Can you tell I miss summer?

#5 OK! This one is completly embarassing! I still have my baby blanket from when I was a newborn. I sleep with it every night. It was once a cute yellow, thermal blanklet with lace around the edges. 23 Years later it is now a not so thermal, no lace, holey faint yellow blanket. I know what you are thinking "GROSS". I do wash it regulary and I have a hard time sleeping with out it. It has been every where I have been honeymoon in Hawaii, at the hospital when I had Chloe and many other places. When I was in high school i would take it to sleep overs and hide it. Lesson learned take away the blankie when your little kids are young!

#6 I am kind of an only child right now. My brother is in the far land of Vladivostok, Russia on a mission. It isn't very fun being an only child. I miss my brother lots. One good thing is Chloe & I are extra spoiled.

#7 I love to talk especially to my cancer patients. It is very therapeutic and makes me appreciate my life.

Tag your it Whitney, Sarah, & Claire

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Claire Evenson said...

This was so interesting to read. I didn't know a lot of this about you! Did you just tag me? Am I suppose to do it now? I've never seen this before. Very Cool!