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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy 4 Years!!!

Jared and I Celebrated our four Year anniversary on Monday But because of his crazy work schedule we have just celebrated a few days late. We went hiking to where he proposed 4 1/2 Years ago. It was fun! I forgot about what a strenuous hike it was. We had picnic it was a lot of fun. I will post pictures later. Thanks for 4 Fabulous years. I Love You!


Karly & Greg Palmer said...

I can't believe it has already been 4 years! That is so crazy! Greg and I just barely hit the 5 month mark!

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary--August seems to be a big month for weddings.

Claire Evenson said...

Congrats on happy 4 years!

Bry and Meliss said...

Wow four years! That's amazing! Good job you two! I love Donut Falls, we hike up there almost every year. It's so gorgeous up there! Congrats again! (And yes, we will have to cry to each other in our programs...what work it's going to be...yuck! :)