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Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas to New Years and parties in between!

A white Christmas in "Tree town"
This is usually what pictures look like of Jared and Chloe that is why I don't posts many... They like to be silly and pull faces or cheeese.

Christmas Day!

Santa Found us.... Cousins playing on christmas eve!

Chloe and Dustin Nelson Christmas Party

Papa and Chloe in her in new castle tent!!!! Which she loves.....

Pose before chrstmas parties. Santa Baby!!

Chloe did not want to set on santa's lap but told us for day's later how nice santa was.

Happy New Year 2009

We had a great holiday season and hope all of you did to. I hate to type so this is the extend of what I am going to write about our holiday season.


Krystal said...

I couldn't help but notice your super cute tree...I love the "snow" trees! I have to say you and Cloe always look like a million bucks! We need to get together with Alisa soon!

Dustin and Natalie Carruth said...

I am so excited we will both be moms! I mean, you already are, but... Anyways, yea lets PLEASE get together! It's no fair we never see each other! Let me know what you find out at that Dr. Appointment!

Jaci said...

Jess-- glad you had a great Holiday. You sure are a cute family. I am so excited about your next baby! I just told my mom you've got baby #2 on the way. She says Congrats!

Brooks Nelson said...

Hey Jess, Grandma told me yesterday that you were having a boy. Congrats! Little boys are so much fun, a handful, but fun. I loved the picture of your dad in the tent with Chloe. Isn't it fun to see what grandpa's will do with their little grand daughters? I wish we could have seen you over Christmas but it looks like you had a good one. Have a great day & I'll talk to you later.