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Thursday, February 5, 2009


I love This GIRL!!!

My disgusting belly covered in clorasept. I had a aminocentesis on monday, which they stick a huge need in your stomach and push it down to your sack to draw amniotic fluid. I was brave! But it hurt bad. They don't numb you or anything. This little boy is a stinker he kept kicking at the needle in the sack so they had to pull it out and re-insert it. The worst part was them sucking the fluid from the sac. YIKES! It was the worst feeling it was like you feel them tugging at your insides. Thanks to my husband singing, "cowgirl don't cry when the doctor left", I survived. We got the preliminary results back today and it showed no other abnormalities. We should be all set up for the study and if everything goes as planned fly out in a couple of weeks.


lizy_girl said...

Ouch, that sounds very uncomfortable.

Melissa said...

did I tell you how great you look prego! And you have no stretch marks! You should be sporting that belly in a bikini!!!!

Tashina said...

Your belly looks amazing! I'm totally jealous! Sorry about the amnio... I have always dreaded that big needle!

All About Us said...

Ouch I am sorry that you had to go through that. Your a tough Women (Cowgirl) That's cute. Yeah your belly is way cute.

Claire Evenson said...

That is one of my biggest fears and you handled it like a pro. Good Job! We love you*
It's almost Valentines Day...remember when we made those cookies and Chloe got them in the backseat???!!! haha

Jaci said...

wow, you are tough! You are a strong little cowgirl.
When I saw that pic I first off thought it was Chloe's belly. You are the littlest gal I know. My dad was just asking me about "little Jessica" the other day.
love you girly!