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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hospital YUCK!

So yesterday I had my usual Monday, all day appoinments and the results weren't so good so here I am in my hospital bed. I feel fine and want to get out of here. They calculated Tyson weighing 3lbs. 4oz., his ventrcles were a 9 and 6. His weight was in the 10th percentile and it has always been in the 35th percentile. My amniotic fluid dramatically decreased. Not sure where it went. My Membranes have not rupturred they did a spectacle last night which showed they had not rupturred. Well! while writing this I had a another ultrasound and my fluid is still low. It is measuring a 4. Crappy! They think my placenta is pooping out. Tyson is not getting the proper nutrients and is not growing like he should. I have only gained 1 pound since surgery, which totally sucks. The other bad part is my little Chloe has been so excited to spend 10 days with her mom and now I am here. I am really praying I get released so I can spend some time with her. My father-in-law made it here last night but mother-in-law and Chloe did not get on. Chloe cried and said I want to see my mommy! I really miss her. I really hope things look better and I Can get a few more weeks in before Tyson comes.


Whitney said...

Oh Jess I am sorry! How frustrating for you and little Chloe. Good Luck and we will keep you in our prayers! Love you.


jess ... something tells me that you have delivered. stay in touch sweety and hang in there!

Tashina said...

So sorry to hear that you're having a rough time!! Hang in there, and good luck! You are in our prayers!!

Dan said...

So sorry you are not doing so well right now. Keep up your spirits, and know that we continue to keep you in our prayers.