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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Visitors in the past few weeks- plus my brother and I reuniting after 2 years.

I got released from the hospital saturday after 11 days. I was very happy. My fluid went up to 6.4. I think my brother was even more happy. The doctors were suprised they did not feel that it was likely it would go up. As soon as we were released we got on a trian to go eat at Olive Garden. One of our favorites. We got on going the wrong direction and ended up at the golden gate bridge. It was fun! We took some pictures got back on the train and then ate at Olive Garden. It was pooring rain but still gorgeous. I am on a strict diet and doctor Wu, my favorite doctor claims it is the ENSURE that is ENSURING I gain weight. He is funny. My brother has been making sure I drink my ensure.Last night he made me a milkshake with ensure. He tricked ke into it so I would drink it. I have two weeks left. I am hoping Tyson can reach 4lb.s, More would be great. They will weigh him on wed. or friday again. Jake and I went grocery shopping yesterday on are way back from the cheesecake factory. It was funny because all of the junk food I love Jake wanted. He was piling stuff in my cart he had not eaten for two years. We bought donuts, strudels, brown sugar pop tarts, cookie dough. and strawberries. You would think we were siblings. I forgot to mention I made through my first year of nursing school. Whew! A blessing but a nightmare. I think I probably would have gone crazy without it, yet it was super hard keeping motivated when I felt like crap. Almost Done! 35 Weeks.

Olive Garden!

Re-uniting! My favorite brother. We are having so much fun together.

Week and half with Chloe. Sadly I was in hospital the whole time. We did make are own fun with finger nail polish, play dough, my clothes ( she would put them on as dresses) and coloring books. My in-laws were sweet to bring here to see me.

Catching some rays, the day before I got admitted to the hospital.

My cutest dad and I eating dinner the day he left

Cute sister-in-law natalie. She was great to spend the weekend with me while my brother came home from his mission and had his farewell.

Dad and I at the BEACH!


Whitney said...

You are so cute Jess! I miss ya. You look so good. So nice to have your bro back I am sure, and what a sweetie he is to hang with you and help. We for sure should set him and my sis up on a little date. I hope all is well and for sure call me when you have a spare minute so we can chat! Love ya.

Tashina said...

Hang in there, girl! You're almost there!! And, how exciting to have your sweet brother come spend some time with you! Sorry that you had to be in the hospital while Chloe was there, but you get to come home to her soon!!! We are still praying for you- now we'll add weight gain to the list!! :)

Kristi said...

Hey Jess! That is great! I am so happy you got to get out of that Hospital and spend sometime with your brother! You are looking awesome. I cant wait to see you and Tyson. I cant believe your almost done. You look so cute girl. Call me if you get bored! I always love to chat with you about old times. Love ya

Adam and Sarah said...

You are so tiny still, and you look so good! And I cannot wait for you to come home --we are all so excited to see you and to meet Tyson. Happy for you to spend some time with Chloe and to see your bro again. And I'm most excited for you because you got released from the hospital! That is such great news, Jess! Loves!