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Monday, July 27, 2009

Crazy WEEK!

Visit from Uncle Jake Getting ready to hit the rapids

Tyson at The Snake River

Papa & Tyson, Papa bought Tyson the cute rodeo shirt.

Birthday Girl!
Little Stud!
Me and Lisa at the Days of 47 Rodeo
Chloe with the new Miss Rodeo Utah

Chloe with princess Belle!

Blowing out the candles..

Princess Chloe

This week has been so crazy, but been so much fun. It started off Monday going to the Days of 47 rodeo. We went with Brent and Lisa and had a good time. Tuesday, my sweet Chloe turned three I can't believe it! We had a princess Belle come. She loved it. She got tons of princess stuff. I had a party for her with all her 2-3 year old friends. There were 13 of them. It was absolute caious. I think they had fun though. That night we had family over for a pizza party. Thursday we headed north for the Pioneer Days Rodeo which was awesome. I got to see my whole family. It was fun to see them. Chloe loved the rodeo princesses. Tyson was great! As usual he didn't make a peep. On Friday I went to spend the night at my parents so I could go white water rafting the Snake on Saturday. Jared got called out to work so he could not come. He was bummed! Brent and Lisa came with. They were so fun. We had a blast, I am glad they came with the family even though Jared could not be there. My mom was sweet to watch Tyson so I could float and my grandma watched Chloe. They are great to help me out. Kahuna and Lunch Counter were both huge this year. I had a blast. Jake came home for a night and we all enjoyed him. We rode Ronny the horse and had a campfire that night. It was Fabulous week!


Tashina said...

I can't believe that Chloe is 3! She is getting so big! I love that pic of her on Princess Belle's lap- she looks so happy! And, Tyson looks so great! He looks so healthy and happy!

Jaci said...

way, way fun! cute idea to have princess belle come to the party! you are a cute mama!
I want to get together sometime in August Jess! Want to meet at the Gateway one day or something??