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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow White!

My little stud muffin.

Chloe's class

Chloe had her first Halloween party of the season. It was at dance class. She is loving dance. She is pretty shy though. But she sure preforms when she gets home. It is weird taking her to dance. It seems like just yesterday my mom was dropping me off at dance. All the girls got to walk down the run way and pose. She had on big yellow high heels, she fell and then was embarassed and wouldn't pose. They turned off the lights and got to dance with Mrs. Susan in the strob light. It was cute her and her friend Brooke where twirling around laughing. They made a dark tunnel with the mats and the got to skip through it. They loved it. Everytime Chloe came through it she had a big smile. It was a great party!


Jaci said...

taking your daughter to dance! that is crazy? We were there like yesterday!
She is a doll!!

Celee said...

I love it! That is Rubees exact costume!!!!

Robert and Lindsay said...

She is so cute! I love her Snow White costume!