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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

our weekend

Getting our shop on.

Ohh! Yes, she is a shopper!

playin' games

Talesha an I did my mom's hair. She would probably would "kill" me if I posted a picture of her she looked like a little grandma. It was funny we all got a good laugh. We thought it would be only appropriate to do dads. (Donna Mohawks are cool)

Shopping pals...

strike a pose miss Chloe

the "love birds" had to snap a pic. of them.

Talesha and I

"goofy" look at the camera not mom.

This weekend we had a little getaway to Midway. We had a lot of fun. It was much needed R & R. Today I finished my last final. What a relief!


Jaci said...

Looks like a way fun weekend! I love the outifit you are wearing in the "goofy look at the camera" photo. :)
You are a doll! And so is Jake's gal!

Donna said...

I think you should make a huge frame of the pic with you and T in the parking lot and he's just looking at ya. So cute!

Go Team Mohawk!!! Love ya.

Adam and Brittany said...

Got to love that Park City shopping! That hotel looks familiar, I think we've stayed there before. Me, my mom, and my Grandma go up a lot on our birthdays, so fun! Your little kiddos are adorable, especially Chloe in those sunglasses.