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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1st Birthday, Mother's day and More........

I can't hardly believe my baby Ty is ONE! He is doing so well! He started crawling about a week before he turned one. He is in to everything. I thought I would write a few things about Ty at ONE so I can transfer it to his baby book when I get started.
Ty loves food. He is not picky and will eat anything. I have not found anything he will not eat. He is gaggy like it mom. Although he gags with every meal he still eats his food.
He loves to fake "cough". It makes us laugh.
He is so chill. Very calm like his daddy.
He is in to "everything". He finds every thing he shouldn't have and way busier than Chloe was.
He adores his sister and wants to be where every she is and playing with what ever she wants.
He says "mum" and "dad"
He likes balls and beig outdoors.

We had a fun party for him. He got spoiled. Enjoy the pic.s

Just a couple of cute pictures of the kids yesterday! Chloe Tackled Ty after I had changed his diaper. He love it and he gave her lots of kisses. It was cute!

Riding new bike from nana and papa.

Mother's Day!

Kids of Mother's Day!

Ty's Birthday wreath!

Headed to pre-school.....

Pinata for the Cinco De Mayo Baby.

All the Birthday Boys "loot" SPOILED!!!

After the party......

Washing up from the cake mess....

He is just like his mom strong gag reflex. He started gagging and wiping cake in his eyes so we had to take it away pretty fast. Although he got a little taste mostly of the frosting...

Birthday King.

My attempt and a baseball cakes

Headed to dance

Chloe has been dancing the last year. She love's it! Although when I have watched her in class she just watches everyone else and is in her own world. I have to say, "Chloe watch your teacher". She has learned a lot though.


Donna said...

Oh, such cuties! I love how your wreath turned out, you'll have to show me how to make one. And what fabulous beauties on Mother's Day!! And you MADE cake!! (makes me feel like such a slacker) Love ya! D.

Erin Rupp said...

Looks like he had a fantastic Birthday! :) You are such a cute mom! Love the wreath! :) I just got your comment and we stayed at Parc 55 Hotel. It was a nice place to stay. We think we may have had a friend as well. Nothing bad though:) I would recommend it!
Their on Facebook...if you add them you get a discounted rate.:) Hope this helps!
Good luck with the follow up tests!! He is a tough little man.


he looks so FANTASTIC!~ time flies. so darling