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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A few weeks back. I met up with an old friend from high school. It was so fun to hang out with Celee and her daughter Rubee. It seemed like we began right where we left off. As you can tell Rubee and Chloe hit it off as well. Aren't they lil Diva's? We had a great lunch at Olive Garden, shopping, the Disovery center and off course the fountains. Thanks Celee for great day!


Joanna and David said...

How cute are those headbands?! You're kids are so adorable and I loved catching up with Ty's birthday (Happy 1st Birthday little man!) and the mother's day pics ( I love their matching outfits!!). Glad to see you all doing so well! Hope you have a great summer.

Karly & Greg Palmer said...

Jess! Your kids are adorable!

Nicole said...

Your cute kids have STYLE! So excited to see you on Monday. Call me!