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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My SON!!!!

Tyson is so much fun but seriously into EVERYTHING!!! It is amazing the difference between boys and girls. He is so easy but always looking for something to get into. Tyson loves to pull all of the silverware out of the dish washer it makes me crazy. I had to run up stairs to grab something so I pushed the rack back because he usually can't get the silverware. As I start up the stairs I heard silverware clanking together and of the course I underestimated him. He had crawled into the dish washer. I had to laugh, it is quit the step to get in especially with Spina Bifida. I also included a picture of Tyson doing the stairs. It is so exciting to see him climb the stairs. It is amazing how the Little things mean so much now. I seriously beam to see him progress. He is such a miracle. We started more therapy this week. It was quit interesting. He really did not want to do what they wanted him to do. All the therapist loved him and he had quit the show of people watching him do therapy. He is pulling him self up and beginning to want to take little steps. We went to SB clinic few weeks back and the orthopedic doctor want to get him a brace for his left leg. It turns really funky and appears weaker. I think it is holding him back. So tomorrow we go for casting for our first AFO's. I am really so proud of Ty he lights up my life. He is really such a chill kid. He has such a special spirit. I have been at Primary's a lot the last few weeks. I am so grateful for how things are going. It is interesting it seems like I always get news that something is not right and then it ends up being fine. I feel really blessed. As for the hydrocephalus we seen on his brain in June. Things appear stable and Primary's does not seem as concerned as San Fran. I think he will be fine. The picture on the pillow was from a few weeks back he just laid there and rested. He thought he was pretty funny. The last picture is of a few mornings ago. I was making dinner and I found him in the pantry helping him self to oreo's he pulled off the shelf. I love my BOY!

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Joanna and David said...

Haha! Too funny! I love it. :)