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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm from the country and I like it that way.....

I spent all last weekend at my mom and dad's for the BE county fair. I love it! Jared totally makes fun of why I would want to spend so much time at the fair. But I love watching kids go on the same rides i went on when I was growing up. Nothing is better than a fair hamburger and last it is like a big reunion. I see all my old high school friends, my parents friends and old neighbors. It rained a lot this year but we still had fun. On Friday I got to meet up with a bunch of my High school friends and their kids. Sadly I didn't even get a picture but we had a great time. It is fun to see all my friends as mommies. Just Chloe headed to church.

I opened the door to get Ty out and his sister and fed him well. He was going to town on a peach. He was a sticky mess but ohh so adorable.

She also fed him chocolate covered pretzels, can you tell?

The cowboys resting after the rodeo...

Cowgirls in the lamb barn

Rodeo fun!!!

BFF from high school Kami.

mini sheep show, my cousin, belle and the beast.

It Wouldn't be the fair without the big yellow slide. I love it! We took Ty down twice. No smile or cry. Not sure what he thought.

So tired he fell asleep on sisters lap. She thought it was cute.

I though he looked like a big boy sitting in the back seat of the truck.

I love cowboy clothes.

Went to the rodeo with my friends for high school. My mom and dad watched the kids so Jared and I could have a date. It was fun!!

This crazy bull jumped the fence into the crowd and hurt and older man. It was crazy! Then the roped it and you couldn't see it breathing. We thought it was dead. It was a fun night!

Already tired....

At the the most boring parade ever (worst then Tooele's). We will forgo this part next year.

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love the rodeo! so fun. your kids are so grown up and look so great. i am glad your doing so well!