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Sunday, October 10, 2010


This weekend I chopped all my long locks off. I actually like the new do. I was tired of the old do. Chloe wants to cut her hair off now to be like me. She cried when she seen me. Hah Hah! I am one of the lucky girls whose hair grows super fast so it doesnt scare me to try something new. I also like to donate my hair to lock of love to help out children that need wigs.

What cheeser!
side view


me and my cute friend Celee.


lizy_girl said...

Cute hair!

Dave and KayDee said...

SO CUTE! I love it! I wish my hair would grow as fast as yours, I'm getting tired of my long hair, and am very tempted to chop it!

everything petersen said...

LOve the HAIR, you look STUNNING! Also I love reading your blog, hope you don't mind.
This is Lisa's sister-in-law, Bonnie.