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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What a fun week!

This week has been so exciting! It started with a few phone call's from UCSF telling me that study had ended and that official results would be released today (Wed.). Then asking me if I would be willing to do some interviews for the media. I was so excited! I feel like I should be a adovacte for Tyson and Spina Bifida and for all my Spina Bifda mom friends. So of course I said Yes! The last couple of days have been full of interviews and a fun photo shoot. Here is the link to my interview with the NY Times. Click here. The study ended and they have seen some positive results in motor function, cognition with pre-natal surgery. Also children with pre-natal surgery are less likely to need a shunt. I feel so incredible blessed to have been part of this phenomrnal research! I will be forever greatful for UCSF and there incredible staff. It is great to see hope for spina bifida. Here is the prelimnary results. In the New England Journal of Medicine click here


Kip & Alisha said...

Jessica - these articles are awesome! I admire you and your strength! :)

Michelle said...

Jessica I saw an article in the news yesterday about this and thought of you and your little Tyson. It's so amazing what they found through this study and that you and Tyson were able to help other babies with spina bifida.

Liz said...

That is so Awesome! Tyson is just amazing. You are such a good Mom and so strong!

Lynja said...

wow, what a great outcome.