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Monday, May 16, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

Jake and Mom on the strip.
Blurry picture but this is in the Bellagio...
P.F Changs on the strip, Tyson was so naughty grabbing everything during dinner both of the kids were exhausted and could car less about the strip.
The pools were gorgeous at my parents time share.
Chloe absolutely adores her "nana"

We could spend hours in the lazy river.
Ty loved coloring eggs as you can see. It was a big mess. He would just chuck the egg into the dye and grab it with his hands. His eggs were dyed as well as the egg. It was fun to see Tyson and Chloe's excitement this year.

Shopping with mom...... I heart H & M
Lazy River.

Ty and papa having a good conversation.
He loved papa and would take steps to him. Yep steps. This is a also a new post coming...

Resort Easter egg hunt. Chloe scored! Thanks uncle Jake.

Happy Easter...Kids Loot!
Are big winnings..... Hah Hah! Dad Gave us $5.00 to play the penny machine. I won $14 then ended up losing it all.

Gambling with grandpa.
Ty loves food more then any kid. I swear.
The best buffet at the M. I loved the desserts

Love my little man!
Girls shopping Day!

Trying on papa's glasses...
She loved the water.

He hated the water until the end of the trip then he realized it wasn't so bad.

After today's whether I think I will move to Vegas..... Thanks mom and dad for a awesome trip...

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The Hunsakers said...

I've been catching up on your blog posts. You are just so gorgeous and have the most darling family. Is Ty seriously taking steps? That is amazing! My little nephew has spina bifida and he will never walk. He has a pretty cool contraption to help him stand up though.