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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Miracle Baby, Conquering the world one step at a time...

These pictures are from the spring and I feel like he looks so much older now. He has changed into a little Boy and no longer has the baby look. I really hate it. Ty has been my little buddy and I just want him to be little forever. Last Friday we went to Spina Bifida Clinic for his check-ups. He was so friendly and would say "hi" to everyone who came to are room. Everyone was super impressed by his physical capabilities. He was super excited to be there. He thought it was hilarious to run out of the room, and down the hall. He would laugh as I would chase him. In SB clinic they leave the door open then 1 by 1 you see about 10-15 different doctors in the different specialities. The door stays open so the others can see when you have a doctor in your room. You can imagine trying to contain a new walker. The doctors loved it and "said we never have escapee's in the SB world, as he would run down the hall". It made me happy to hear these words as I sang, "Take that Spina Bifida" in my head. We couldn't have received better news from all of the specialities. Urology Update: we had a KUB/KUS, Tys kidneys looked great and the doctor told me I was doing a good job at cathing. It made me feel so good. We have started to have a few bowel issues where he gets really backed up. I haven't felt like I wanted to start anything too invasive yet so I have been trying to manage it with diet and it seems to be working. Neuro Update: The doctor felt like Tyson had no reason he would ever need a shunt. YEAH! He wanted to check for tethered cord by MRI/X-ray in 6 months. Ortho Update: The doctors were very excited to see Ty walk and felt like it would be good to try to have him walk bare foot. They also thought that he had great muscle tone and that we could get rid of the walker. No more assistive devices.

He is such a big helper holding all of his "cathing supplies".

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The Hunsakers said...

Such great news Jess! He is so darling!