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Monday, January 2, 2012

Speaking at The U of U

I have had the opportunity to speak at the University of Utah around 5 times since Tyson was born. I have always felt that it is important to share his miracle for many reasons. One reason if I can help at least one mom have hope for her child then I have done my job. Most moms don't know there are options like fetal surgery out there. Fetal surgery or not there is hope for these children.
Second I felt so alone when I got Tyson's diagnosis and I would have done so much better if I had the support group I have now back then. I want to be able to share that what the doctors and books tell you are not always right. These Spina Bifida children are amazing, cute, funny, kind, and smart children and they not alone in this journey.
Third we witnessed a very huge miracle with Ty and each and every time I share my story. People give me comments like I got chills. I feel like for some reason I am supposed to share our story and the many lessons it taught us. I usually speak for about 45 minutes telling the whole story of my pregnancy to what Ty is like now and what challenges we have had. It is always emotional for me and every time I am preparing my speech it gives me a lot to ponder on.

Most moms when they are expecting a baby just get to go along enjoying every moment, every kick and movement from the baby brings much joy. Thoughts of the perfect baby run through their head. I was the same with my first. With my second I learned the book "what to expect when your expecting" was not written for me. I am pretty sure fetal surgery wasn't mentioned in their. It should have been called "hang on for dear life" or "when you least expect it". The point is I felt very alone and frustrated wondering why I was chosen to be on this journey. I have learned so much and really felt that I need to be there for other moms. I need to advocate for spina bifida. When your child does not meet milestones when they are supposed it can be exhausting, frustrating and disappointing. But when they do finally meet those goals and milestones nothing is quit as profound to see the tender miracle. My heart swells and I thank heavenly Father that I was chosen for this journey and thank him for my sweet son. We celebrate the tiny things that most take for granted
This Time I spoke to the graduating class of Genetic Counselors. They were very interested and had lots of question. They also had lots of questions for my fan club who is so supportive of me. They haven't missed a single speech I have given. I couldn't have done this journey with out them. It was neat this particular time because my family has heard my side of the story numerous times but I have never got to hear theirs. After I speak I open it up for questions and they had a lot. I don't think I realized how hard it impacted my husband and it was really special to see him open up to the group. I also loved hearing how hard it was for my mom as well. I love these opportunity's it has been fun for me to see how much Tyson has progressed each time I speak. The first time he was only 2 months old. The last time I spoke he was using a walker and now this time running and using NO walker.


The Hunsakers said...

You're amazing Jess! What an awesome thing to do to help others!

Talisha LaDawn said...

Jess reading that just gave me chills. That is so neat and exciting. You are such a wonderful mother and a great example to so many women out there. I am so lucky that I got the oppertunity to know you. Keep up the great work. I hope one day I can love my children and be a great mom just like you. Big Hug Tee

Adam and Brittany said...

Those pictures are so cute! Tyson is getting so big and handsome!