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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Attempt and cute halloween pictures!

Every year I like to send halloween cards to my mom & dad and grandma & grandpa's. Chloe would not sit still for two minutes while I was trying to take her pictures. I would tell her to smile and she would say cheesssse..... Big hideous grin with her eyes shut, so know we

are practicing her pretty princess smile. Here are a few of the cute pictures and a couple of chloe in her favorite hat. P.S. my dad grew that big pumpkin for Chloe


JoDee and Celee said...

She's a doll Jess! How are you anyway?? Rubee has that fun Halloween shirt and I love it!

Monica and Stephen said...

She is so cute and very photogenic. She always looks so cute.

Dustin and Natalie Carruth said...

Jessica, your family couldn't be cuter! I know, it's a total rip-off that we live so close to each other but never see each other! We should definately do lunch, just name it! Miss you!