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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why does life throw us for "loops and turns"

Why does life have to be so stinkin ugly sometimes. I just want everything to be good and I am not sure it is. The last few days I have had a lot to ponder about. I can ask 'why me" but the truth is I guess everything happens for a reason ( even though it is hard to see at this moment in time). The one good thing is in mist of all the sadness i feel, I have the best husband, and parents in the whole world. Without them I am not sure what I would do. I also have the cutest little girl that reminds me what life is all about.


Tashina said...

Jess, is everything ok? Anything I can help you with? I am not that far away, and I would love to help you out any way that I can!!

All About Us said...

I hope you are feeling well!! The lord gives you these challenges to see how you will react to them. Keep your head up you will get through them!! Hope everything gets better.

JoDee and Celee said...

Thinking about you.. Heavenly Father is testing our faith. Each trial seems like a mountain that we cannot climb, in the end its just a small spec and we will be able to see why these challenges come upon us. Love you! I'm just a phone call away, or a shopping trip...:)

Jen said...

I could say something inspirational, but sometimes it is okay to just sit down and have a good cry--you are definately entitled!! Just know that those around you are thinking of you and sending prayers your way. Hang in there.

Wendy Anderson said...

Jess I am so sorry, your fmaily is in my prayers.

Jaci said...

Jess-- are you okay my dear? Man, I am sad we haven't talked in a while. I think I'll call you right now. I hope you are doing okay.
Love you!