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Friday, April 3, 2009

Dear San Fran

Dear San Fran,
There is not much I like about you. You are very different from home. But there are a few things I love and am growing to love. First, I am in heaven with your shopping. It is a good thing I won't live here forever or I would be completly broke. I am in love with H&M and pumpkin patch for my Chloe and Tyson. There is so many fun stores. I am excited when i get to come back here for Tyson's check-up's. I will get to go on shopping spree everytime I flyback with him. All the stores have twice the selection and are like three times the size here. I love shopping! Especially when I am having a bad day here, it gets my mind of off things for awhile. Yesterday, grandma and I went out for some shoppig at the Stonestown Galleria mall. It was so fun! We had not been shopping their yet and just happened to discover it on our $25 taxi ride to target, OUCH! it was only supposed to be 7.5 miles away. Anyways we found and Olive Garden there which made me really happy. Thank goodness for american food. Not much of that around here. I have been craving a baked potatoe. But there is really no such thing here. Weird huh! Honestly you can keep enetertained here for hours by just watchig all the people. My grandma stayed up late the other night and watch a bum right outside our window dig through the garbage can super fast with a headlight on his head. She was quit entertained. We live a sheltered life in Utah. Thank Goodness! By the way shopping is not easy task in a wheelchair and boy do I get the looks.


The Jones Family said...

Hello Jessica, this is Kelsie Robbins from school I don't know if you remember me. I ran across your blog I started reading it. I just have to tell you your family is so adorable. I wanted to tell you also that I am so sorry to hear about baby Tyson. My oldest little boy had heart surgery when he was born the valves from the lungs to the heart was not connected we had no clue tell he was born. I know that it is totally opposite than spina Bifida but I am glad you have great sapport it helps alot. If you don't mind I would like to add you to my blog so I can keep updated on you and your adorable family. My blog is private if you would like to see it e-mail me at You are in my thoughts and I will pray for your family.

Kelsie Jones

Chris and Brooke said...

I also love H&M! It is pretty much the greatest store every made! I'm pretty sure Utah should get one...and they should also let you buy online.