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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Adventure in San Francisco

One more week down! I am finally 30 weeks. This pregnancy seems like a decade. It seem like forever ago we found out Tyson had spina bifida. I feel so grateful to have made it to thirty weeks. My goal now is 34 weeks. Tyson is doing great! He is super active. Our appointment on Tuesday was great. I still get very nervous and paranoid every appointment that something is not going to be right. Everything looked good on the ultrasound; the ultrasound lady was rude though. She made we want to cry. He passed the biophysical profile in like 5 minutes and was proud to show my grandma is man parts. This week I have felt home sick, mostly because I have been in my room doing school work all day everyday, will it every end? I hope! Grandma is here, we have had some funny, crazy experiences in San Francisco. I appreciate her it has been great to spend time with her. I truly appreciate the sacrifice everyone has made to help Jared and me out during this time. I feel bad though it probably has been super boring for grandma since I have been busy doing school work almost the whole time she has been here. We have had some fun experiences I will never forget though. I love you grandma. Here are a few pictures from our adventures, As my grandma says “everyday is an adventure in San Francisco”.

Japenese Tea Garden's ( not wheelchair accesssible) I almost drove my chair in the pond. It was pretty funny.

cala lilies.

Downtown, shopping and cheesecake factory.


Claire Evenson said...

That's so great your grandma is there. Such great memories you are making. Are there other women going through the same thing as you there that you could hang out with? I miss you*

Jessica said...

No! Unfortnately there is not. I had one mom who had fetal surgery for a differnet reason but she left a few weeks ago. There are not a lot of people in the study, I am only like the 52 person to have had fetal surgery for spina bifida in the study.There is another couple who is looking in to the study who comes this week. If they draw fetal surgery than that it would be great. Miss You!

Kristi said...

Your lookin good Jess! Hang in there. Your an awesome girl. Tyson will ever be so grateful that you took very good care of him while he was still growing! Grandma's are the best! I wish I could come and keep you company, but I will when you come home! Take care! Miss you!

Brooks Nelson said...

You have a great Grandma. Tell her we said Hi! And just think, in a few weeks Jake will be able to come spend some time with you. How exciting!! We love you!!

Jaci said...

so fun that your "spunky grandma" was able to come out to stay with you. I bet she is cherishing the time with you.
I'm proud of you Jess! You are doing so great for all that you've been through.
I'm so glad Tyson is being a wiggle worm too! That is great news!!!
You are still in my prayers!
Love you lots!~

Bry and Meliss said... work. I feel your pain! I have to go back to finish up this semester in a week, and I am NOT looking forward to it. I have to spend five weeks in a classroom all day long and leave my baby :( It's killing me! You still look adorable! You look so great! I am so glad everything is still going well. Hugs!!

Lynja said...

you look great. it's good to see that you can get out a little. Good luck with school and hang in there. 34 weeks is a good goal.

Audrey O'Brien said...

its so strange for me to read .... what was me 6 years ago. but you seem to be fairing well and i am so dang proud of you! stay in touch!