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Monday, November 30, 2009

What we have been up to....

Tyson Update: Last week was full of appointments for Tyson we had a little scare with miss measurement of his head at the doctors office so I had to take him in a week to get his head measured. It measured fine which I was grateful for. They wanted to him to see the eye doctor which I though was ridiculous and silly but I took him to the eye doctor any way. Turn outs he has a cataract. The kid just can't make my life simple. Hah hah! I go back to the eye doctor on the 14th for a through evaluation of what we will do about that. I spoke at The U of U on Thursday last week about having a child with spina bifida and enrolling in the moms study. It is always fun for people to see what a miracle Tyson is. I like to share our story in hope it will help other's. On Friday we went to the Spina Bifida clinic and got positive news. Last time the really scared me about his head growing, i was thinking he might need a shunt. But, they were very positive that he might not need a shunt. In fact I don't have to go back there until July. WOOHOO! I am ecstatic. I have been going every 1-2 months since he was born. I feel so blessed. I wondered if I could handle the shunt thing. Therapy was very happy about his progress. His legs are getting stronger and they are still optimistic he will walk without devices. He is still not rolling over. Not sure what that is about. We are still working on that at his pre-school. Lastly the not so good news we have to cath and he does have to be put of ditropan for likely the rest of his life. I am okay with this. If this is what is thrown our way then bring it on. I would much rather have him walk and no shunt. When he is older there are other options to hopefully control the bladder issues but as of now it is ditropan and cathing.

Chloe Anna
Lisa and I go shopping on black friday ever year. We love it! It is perfect because our kiddo's are the same age so we just grab two of everything. This year we left at 3:00 AM. Here is us with our packages minus the big stuff. It made use super excited for christmas because our girls our at such a fun age.

Thanks giving Thomas cousins. There are 6 all the same age. This picture is missing cassidity and Bo. Tyson and Kyli Thomas, giving kisses or esting each other's face.

Kiddoe's on thanksgiving.

Thnaksgiving day.

Chloe helping me decorate the tree. She love it..

The Polar Express.

Santa and Tyson on the Polar express

Chloe talking to santa she told him she wants a barbie house.

Polar Express

Mom and the little star shopping after my speech at the U of U genetic counselor Graduate students.

Lil Present, Chloe and I thought it would be hilarious to put Tyson in this box.

Daddy bought us tickets to to Disney on Ice, Chloe love it.

Chloe with her friend Kelsey at disney on ice.


Tashina said...

I'm so happy to hear the good news about Tyson! And, Chloe looks SO cute in her princess dress at Disney on Ice!

mandycamp said...

That's so good about Tyson. The kids are so adorable. I miss you guys!

Leesee Girlyfield said...

Oh, I am so happy to hear that little Ty doesn't need a shunt! What a blessing! Too bad about the cataract though. You guys look so good. We miss you!