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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby girl's first dance recital

Showing us her dance
Before her recital, so excited.

after with daddy
with her friend Brooke

Had to through this one in with my little man!

So precious asleep with santa.


Kristi said...

Congrats Chloe! That is sooo much fun! I can't wait for Kailee's. Tyson looks soo handsome! What a very cute family you have Jess! I miss you so much. We need to play again. Merry Christmas! We love you.

Dustin said...

You have such a beautiful family. I hope I get to see you sometime soon! Missing you!

Tashina said...

How fun to have her first dance recital! She looks adorable!

Jenny said...

It was so great to meet you and see Tyson in person
at Alisa's. He is doing so great and is the cutest, sweetest little guy we need to get together again.
Hope you had a great Christmas
Love ya

Adam and Brittany said...

Can't wait to start dance with Kadence! I think we can start mommy and me classes when she's 18 months. chloe is an absolute doll!