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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A BIG Update!!!!

We have been crazy busy..... This post goes for most current to oldest so first. We had a awesome ward party. It was "ugly sweater" and the best "who ville hairstyles".

Here is our family..... Sporting our ugly sweaters and vests...

My cute neighbors Melissa Cox and Hillary Cronk

Tyson and his crazy hair and super ugly vest

Poor kid she loves him soooo much!

Cindy Lou Who, She was so excited about her hair

I got this in the mail and boy could i not be happier. I also started a new job at Paramount as a RN. I love it so far....It has been weird being a working mom though.

I turned 26!! I am closer to 30 than 20. Dang IT!!!!
For my Birthday we went to dinner at the Cheesecake factory, with my family, we took the kids to see santa, did some shopping then went to see the lights at temple square.

A little unsure about MR. Claus

Birthday Dinner!!!!
I am not a huge cake lover but I do love donuts. so my hubby brought me home this. I was in heaven....

I also had a big month of speaking arrangement. This is me and Ty after my speech at the U of U.
We had a huge snow storm so Jared, Chloe, Amber (Chloe's friend) and I built a snowman.

The kids loved decorating our tree. It was fun to see them get so excited.

This little guy loves standing up here. I found him the other day like this. Now if he would just walk. I could take a big sigh of relief.
Here we are at my speech to the Bear River High Child development class.

Last my little guy in his redefining spina bifida shirt.

Happy Holidays!


Cassie said...

Cute pictures. Love the ugly sweaters, and the high hair! And that is the biggest donut I have ever seen...I didn't know you could get a donut that big!!

Joanna said...

Love all the pictures! Ty is so cute standing up there brushing his teeth!

Adam and Sarah said...

Love all the pics! Especially the one of Chloe squishing Tyson's face while they wear their ugly sweaters! Ha!
And what is going on with the high school? Is there some major newness going on over there? You can tell I haven't been to Tremonton for more than a year. :( Sad.

Jaci said...

How do you do it all Jess??? I am so amazed! What a fun month it's been!