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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project ELI.avi

Watch this video for my son. "He is no different then you my friend" I feel so blessed to have Tyson in my life. He is no different then anyone else. I would have loved to have viewed this video when I was pregnant. These babies deserve a shot at life. When I was at SB clinic this Friday. Dr. walker told us that in Utah 15-20 babies are born each year with Myelomeningocle Spina Bifida. Utah has the highest rate. He said mostly because not many abort. It makes me sad to think so many babies don't get a chance at life just because they have Spina Bifida. They are no different the you my friend. I have learned so much and want an feel learned so sooo blessed to have Tyson. Watch this for our Family!!!!

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