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Monday, March 28, 2011

To cute not to Post....

A few weeks ago my bestie, Lisa hosted a fun couples wii party. It was so much fun she had cute party favors lots of yummy food. The girls rocked the wii upstairs and the guys were down stairs. Jared was working no big suprise but I went anyways "dateless" I swear all Jared friends high school buddies married such adorable wifes. Earlier that day we had a photo shoot for the deseret news I shot a few pictures before of the kids. Ty was done with the media and refused to cooperate with the photographer. The pictures were not to great. But ohh well..... Do you blame him. As my grandma said he was looked at so much even before he was even born. So i guess he is tired of all the pictures. He is still progressing at his own speed. I wish a little faster. This week we start speech and a music class to help with his speech. He has taken a few steps, only when he dtermined....

Well you know Utah Spring is really "SPRINTER", some days its spring but mostly it's winter like today. March 28, it snowing. Come on sunshine this is what my son needs to motivate him to walk. I swear one day its 70 the next its 30 degrees. Anyways it was a major snow storm on March 7 and I was just going to go to work and Ty wanted to go outside. So we all headed out to play for a few minutes. Ty LOVED it. He would laugh and scrunch up his cute little nose.


Jaci said...

You are an adorable mom and nurse!! Love you Jess!

kolbergr said...

Hi, Jessica,
So glad to see that Tyson continues to do well! When you get a chance, can you please contact me by e-mail or phone? I work at the National Institutes of Health, and, on behalf of our Director, am seeking your permission to possibly share your/Tyson's story in some upcoming talks. Thank you!
Rebecca Kolberg
301 594-1275