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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Here are some pictures I took of my babies.....

Little update on Ty: Tyson is still doing the same he is still such a chill kid. But man does he have a mind of his own just like his mom. He has started saying a few words ( mom, dad, good job). He only says them when he wants. He is practically running with his walker and stands holding on to something but hasn't taken those first steps. He has developed this fear of falling. He gets nervous every time I try to get him walking. I think he needs some warm weather to get him motivated to walk. He is so fun and quit the tease.

Chloe Update: Chloe is getting so grown-up. She is so much fun and comes up with some funny things. I honestly wonder where she comes up with the things she says. She is so sweet. Every night she prays she says bless that Tyson will walk and that he does not need eye patches anymore. She just came up with this on her own and she says it everynight. I seriously have to hold in the tears, It is amazing how much a four year old understands and cares for her brother. She is so supportive of the many hours of therapy and doctors appointments she gets dragged along too. She is such a diva and still loves dresses. She wants to wear one everyday. She loves movies especially with her dad. Her favorite toys are polly pockets and barbies and recently has become obsessed wth stuffed animals. The other day I was telling her that I was a nurse and what I did at my job and I said wouldn't that be cool if you were a nurse and she said, no i think i will just be a princess. PRICELESS. I love her!

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Robert and Lindsay said...

Your kids are SOOO DARLING!!