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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I officially have a HOT soccer mom car

This should be the last photo, read down.....

The story of my new car. Ever since I graduated and started my career as nurse. I have wanted a new car. I decided the kind of SUV I wanted after driving several. I wanted the third seat so I could drive around all my kids friends and have plenty of room.
So I purchased this nice silver one it had a all features I wanted for a good price. My very cool grandparents came with me so the car salesman didn't try to rob me. We drove to Murdock Hyundai in Lindon. On the way home I get a call from the dealership stating that they had the wrong Vin number on the car and that I needed to sign some different paper work. They told me they would mail it to me, I would sign it and mail it back. I said okay at that was that. Life got busy and I had to work some extra shifts then I decided to open the paper work and sign it. Well to my surprise they had lied to be about the year of the car and I thought I was buying a car that was a year newer. I basically go from thinking I am getting a good buy to feeling like I am getting ripped off. They failed to mention the car was a year older. The widow sticker even said that the car was 2008. I couldn't believe they thought I was stupid enough to just sign the papers and would never notice. Long story short, I was upset and decided that they didn't deserve my money. After having it for a week I told them to come and get their car. I would not recommend Murdock Hyundai of Lindon. They don't have loyalty or honesty attached to their name. It all worked out though, keep reading.

Anyways scroll down for the rest of the story.

Random picture of Chloe bug.

Anyways I had actually liked the Luxury version of the same car better, Jared and I had test drove one a few weeks before and we loved it. It was just a little more money then we were wanting to spend. The dealership dropped the price so we bought it and I am loving have a hot mama car along with all my other neighbors.

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Jaci said...

I love it too Jess! Looks like exactly what we are wanting! :) Congrats on your new "baby"! -- the car that is! :)