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Monday, August 15, 2011

I LOVE cupcakes....

Don't forget me and this silly blog, I am gettting it updated and backing up several months. I have lots to tell all of my friends if you still follow this blog. I am working night shift tonight so I can actually sit and blog. If I have a million grammar errors please excuse my tiredness @4:00 AM. My brain wants to sleep but is forced to stay awake.

First up: Playdates

Yes, sometimes when best friends get together we play so hard that the kids fall asleep.

You must visit this shop if you live near or around Ogden.

Loved this sign.

My girls

In the summer Chloe, I and my best friend Lisa and her kids ventured to Ogden for a play date. We went to the Treehouse Museum which I don't have pictures because I can't find my hard drive. Then we went to the cutest cupcake shop called Vintage Cupcakes. I was literally dying over all the cool vintage antiques. It was great day with great friends....

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