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Monday, August 15, 2011

Ty's Cinco De Mayo Birthday!

I am ever so behind on blogging and I miss it. Now we are backing up to May. Tyson turned two! I love parties and had planned to throw a big mexican fiesta party. Ty is my little Cinco De Mayo baby and when he was born all of the nurses and doctors thought it was cool that was his Birthday. At the time I had no idea what Cinco De mayo was. I do now. We had to celebrate a day early because we weren't sure if Jared was going to be off for his brithday. First we headed to the Hogle Zoo. We had fun although it seemed like half the zoo was under construction.

After the zoo we had a big fiesta with all of Ty's grandparents and a few friends. We had enchiladas, chips and salsa and margaritas. Ty loved the margaritas. Are cute friends brought sombreros and mustaches so we had fun with those.

Make a wish baby!!!

Ty got lots of fun presents we had pinata for the kids. Mom was a little scared she might get hit with the tennis racket when the kids were trying to hit it.

On the night of Ty's actually birthday Jared ended up being off work so we invited some neighbors over for a BBQ and cake and ice cream.

Ohh Man I love this kid! He has the most lovable fun personality.

YUMMY Margarita's!!!

The best Red Velvet cake. A few days before his second Birthday he started to taking a few steps. It was very exciting to see him gain more strength. That is a whole other post so we will save the tears for that one.

Party Favors for the guests.....-

The best cupcake recipe. YUMMY.

Ty had so much fun hitting the pinata.

I was a little nervous I was going to get hit by a kid.

The besties,

Tyson enjoying his margaritas....

For Mama: At Two Years old Tyson:

Loves To eat. You eat almost anything and eat way more then your sister.

You love your fleece blankie.

You crawl like a crazy man and could win any race crawling.

You adore your sister and want to always be in the same room as her.

You are super lovable and love to give hugs and kisses.

You love the outdoors and could spend all day oustide.

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