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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gardner Village Witches Night Out

Every year I have got invited to go to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village and never been able to go. This year Lisa and I decided to take the girls and go. It was seriously so much fun. I had no idea and I will for sure be making it a tradition. I already have plans for my costume next year. Lisa and I got together the week before to make are hats and costumes. Although they took forever to make thye turned out soo cute. Chloe was so excited to dress-up. We ate at Zupas then headed to Witches Night. Chloe wanted a picture with all the witches she loved. I couldn't believe how crazy it was and how amazing peoples costumes were. Their were so many people there and the weather was spectacular. We walked around and seen all the witches and took pictures. Then we danced and sang to the DJ and acted like we were in Highs school again. Chloe off course loved this.BFF's

My favorite part of the night was watching Chloe be so happy on are mom date. I sometimes feel like she gets pushed to the back burner with all of Ty's cares. It is good to be able to spend time with just her. She and Alivia were playing at started standing on these straw bails. She usually is shy but she was busting out moves to the music. I bet she danced at least a hour and the larger the crowd she got the better she would do and out of the blue while dancing she shouts out" this is the best night ever". Ohh man I love having a daughter.

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The Hunsakers said...

You guys look so awesome! Gorgeous witches!!! I also love the pictures of Jake's wedding. YOu look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

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