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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The little Bro got MARRIED!!!

Chloe and Jake on the dance floor. adorable.


Chloe couldn't wait to give Sam a hug in her wedding dress.

Decorating the truck..... Paybacks a bugger....

I love my parenst soooo much and I swear I hope I look as Hot as my mom when I am her age.

August was a busy month for our family. My Little brother got married. It was a beautiful day! It was a lot more emotional for me then I thought it would be. They got married in The Logon Temple. Sam and Jake have a undeniable love for each other. She is definitley Jake's perfect girl. She will hunt, shoot a gun, jump on a horse and can still get all dolled up. He always told me he wanted to marry a blond and sure enough he got his blond beauty. Chloe was so excited for the wedding. She had the cutest flower dress and high heels. I was shocked she wore her heels all night. My mom said to her "Chloe I am shocked you wore your heels all night and her response was, "there just sooo cute". She had a blast and I hardly seen her all night she was visiting with everyone and playing with all her cousins. I think she felt like she was in a fairy tale. They had their reception at the Riter Mansion and it looked beautiful. My favorite part of the night was dancing. Chloe had blast dancing with her Uncle Jake and dad. I also loved dancing and watching Sam and Jake show off all their moves.

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