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Monday, January 16, 2012


Every year Jared's parents have a Santa party at there house. Santa comes we sing songs and the kids have so much fun. It is one of my favorite parties. I love it cause Santa knows them all by name and we get to see all the cousins different reactions to Santa. He usually brings the kids a gift. My kids love Santa. Tyson has no fear of the man! He just walked right up to his lap when his name was called. He of course loved his car and candy from Santa. Chloe couldn't wait for the "Santa Party"! She asked all week when it was. She made a list to give to Santa and was so excited about it. She got make-up and candy and love it. After Santa left Chloe and her cousins preformed their songs that they had learned in pre-school. It is so fun to see all of them grow up together(6 all the same age) . I am grateful my kids have so many cousins to play with that live so close.
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