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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Day of Love!

A few days before Valentines Day we went out to get a few V-day Pictures. Tys was uncooperative as always. Chloe was a perfect poser as always with a few incentives. Most of all we had fun posing and making silly "kissy faces" as you can see in the college below.

Valentines day was busy.
Both of the kids were so excited for their school parties. Chloe had a little party and Jared helped out while I was taking Tyson to school. When Ty came out of school he came out of class with his hands weeping full of Valentine"s he had the biggest grin. He is my little sweet tooth and couldn't wait to eat some of his treats. When we got home Chloe was excited to show us all of her Valentines and she isn't a big sweet girl so she still has her treats minus a few Ty got his hands on. I love to see the kids excitment of holidays..

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