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Monday, April 30, 2012

Take that "Spina Bifida" moment

The past few months I have had many moments where I have wanted to just scream "take that spina bifida" as I have watched Ty do something that spina bifida shouldn't allow him to do or something I was told he would never do. He seems to not let Spina Bifida stop him and boy am I grateful. He has accomplished so much since he started walking and I continue to be amazed by his capabilities. Over Easter before we went to Las Vegas we spent a night in St. George. One of my favorite adventures is to go to pioneer park and climb the red cliffs. It has been a tradition to climb through the dixie narrows. The narrows are a 40ft tall crack that you climb through and only 9 inches wide. Jared and dad can't fit through they are too wide. I barley fit my chest gets stuck a bit. It makes my heart race! It is a thrill! It is steep and quit the hike. If you are claustrophobic this is defiantly not for you.  I got this random idea to take the kids through. My brother Jake and sister in law Sam helped me. I am not going to lie I panicked a bit but new if I freaked out it was going to freak the kids out and were going to be stuck. I couldn't even pick Ty up it is so tight. As I watched he's little legs and tiny DAFO's climbing up these steep rocks. I cried tears of joy. He had a grin the whole way. When we got to the top all I could shout was he did it. Afterwards I think it totally took all of his energy out of him because he just wanted to rest on daddy's shoulder and be carried. It defiantly was a very proud, "take that spina bifida" moment.

See all the people hiking through the narrows, talk about making it worse having people in front and back of you.

View from the top of the narrows.

Here is the little man at the end where it is the widest...

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Lindsay (+Rob & Drake) said...

You have such a beautiful family! I loved all the new posts. What a fun trip to Las Vegas too! And you just get more and more gorgeous as the days go by!