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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

Over Easter we went to Las Vegas, It was are second year going over Easter. I must say it is my favorite family trip. Jared's job is crazy and he usually can't make it to things. This year I started getting sad a few days before thinking he wouldn't be able to come like I usually do before trips he can't make it to. The day before it seemed like it might work out. I was one happy wife when I found out he could come. It turned out great he was able to stay almost the whole trip. The first few days we enjoyed two of my favorite things sunshine and the pools. My kids have turned into little fish and have no fear of the water. Chloe swims everywhere with her floaters. She got some goggles from papa and the easter bunny. She thought they were the coolest thing ever. She met lots of little girls at the pool and could really care less where the family was. What happened to my little girl she is getting to big. Ty loved the water and watching people. He is such a observant kid. He hung out with mommy and daddy. Jake, Sam, Dad, Jared and I enjoyed playing water volleyball. It was blast and made for some good laughs. We watched movies, did some shopping, played roulette in the casino and ate alot of yummy food. It was a great weekend spent with my favorite people!

Buffet Time at South Point

Easter present form Nana and Papa. They are always so sweet to spoil Chloe and Tyson.

The kids did a Easter Egg hunt at the resort. It lasted only about 5 minutes. But they loved it!

Leg wrestling matches, The Champions were Sam and Dad!

Arm wrestling Champion was Jared

The Easter bunny found the kids

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