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Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Baby is 3

3 Years ago at this time I was in San Francisco in a  new city. Laying in a hospital bed, I was alone. It had been 10 weeks since in uterosurgery. I had just spent the weekend with my brother who had served a mission for our church. I had not seen him in two years. My amniotic fluid was low so at my Monday appointment I had to be admitted to the hospital. I wasn't very thrilled after spending 10 days in the hospital then being released for two to be back. I was still nervous at the time of what the future would hold with Tyson. I had just finished my finals in my 2nd semester of nursing school. I started contracting that night, the contractions hurt worse then normal. The nipedipine that I had been taking since surgery didn't seem to stop the contractions. All through the night they seemed to get worse I wasn't sure if I should have Jared fly out or not. He was in Utah with Chloe. Ty hadn't been growing much the last few weeks. They had the fetal monitor hooked up all night and the contractions wouldn't stop. In the AM around 8:30 the doctors came to my room to tell me it was safer for Ty and I for him to be out then in. They gave me 10 minutes to call Jared in a frantic state to get to San Francisco because his son was going to be born. I called my mom. I then called my brother at the family house which was 10 blocks away and told him that I didn't want to be alone. I put on some lipstick and literally they were there to take me to surgery. They prepped me and Jake ran 10 blocks to make it. I remember seeing him and feeling so awkward that he had to be there with me but so grateful that he was. I was worried I would be by myself. I was sad because I really felt comfortable with the night doctors but the day doctors I had not see before and I was nervous to have them. I must say the hardly talked to me the whole c-section which made me even more uncomfortable. I did have a great nurse. Ty was 35 weeks to the day, 10 weeks after surgery. I remember thinking to myself that I probably should be more nervous about Ty. Would he breath on his own? Did the surgery work? Would he walk? Some how I felt a overwhelming sense of calmness. He would be okay. Heavenly father was with me, as he had been this whole journey. He wouldn't leave me. My cute brother took a pictures but was so nervous he mostly was playing with his cell phone. At literally 34 minutes after finding out I would have this emergency c-section. Ty was born at 9:04. The c-section was awful. I hated it and wished I was asleep for it. I hated the tugging pushing and pulling and not being able to see myself. He was born and my world forever changed. All the heart ache and worry about his frail body went away as I heard his soft tender cry. He barley cried and literally barley cried for the first few months of life. The staff has warned me even before surgery that I wouldn't see him that he would quickly be rushed through what they call the "McDonald's window" to be taken care. He was doing so well and they were so surprised they brought him up by my head so I could see him. My sweet baby Tyson! We made it and he was healthy. He was breathing with out O2. Then he was off through the McDonald's window. The next part of the c-section is wait felt like a eternity. The digging, pushing, pulling and suddenly the "can we get a pediatric surgeon to the OR room ?" could someone tell what is going on? Again no one is telling what is going on as the tug at my insides. The surgeon came and said I was fine and left. Later I found out my appendix were super inflamed. Why the heck did they just not remove them? not sure? Jake went with Tyson and I went to the recover room. I had to wait until I was able to stand and walk a few feet before I could see Ty. Jared arrived at 2ish and we were both able to go to the NICU to together to hold are baby for the first time. He was so precious! He has gave me so much joy the past three years. He has put me on a beautiful journey. It is one that is far to beautiful for most to comprehend. I am so grateful to have him as my son. It is amazing that he is three he feels like my baby still. We had a super fun Birthday Bash so stay tuned.

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