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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pre-School GRADUATION!!!

My little girl Graduated from Miss Holly's Pre-school. She has loved school so much. It has been fun to see her excitement for learning this year. Miss Holly makes things so fun! She went to pre-school 3 days as week tues.-thur. from 8:45-11:45. Her Graduation was farm themed because she was learning about the farm in May. Miss Holly had bought all the kids these cute cowgirl hats and scarfs. They performed a few cute songs and a dance. She was so excited and looked at me the whole time. She got to wear a cap and gown and  got a diploma. The day was extra special because she had both her grand parents to support her as well as Great Grandparents. Grandpa Roger was feeling well enough on chemo that he came to watch. It really made the day!

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