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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Good Times = Good Friends

I must say that we really lucked into having such great friends. Jared's Friends from high school have all stayed pretty close and they all married adorable wives. I love them all and have so much fun every time we get together. They all turned 30 this past year. It is crazy to me that were all 30 or getting close to it. I decided 30 is the new 20. Our best friend Brent was the last one to turn 30 and his wife planned a super amazing day for him. The day started out by surprising him at the Airport Golf Course for a round of golf.  Lisa bought all of us these super funny shirts. Later that evening she rented a trampoline park. It was so much and I must say I felt brave for trying flips in the ball pit. Hah Hah! It made for lot of laughs and lots of sweat. After 2 hours of jumping we went to the Thanksgiving Point sweet shop for a sweet treat. It was super fun day celebrating one of our favorite people!

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