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Sunday, September 9, 2012

4th of July!

BFF's and their matching dresses
             The 4th of July is one of my favorite holiday's. One reason it's my favorite I love summer. I love red, white and blue and I love that small town traditions. I love how its our day and we can do whatever we want and don't have to be at certain places at certain times.

           This year was little more chill then usual. We had our annual BBQ and sleep over with the Petersen's at our house. We had fun playing games and jumping on the tramp. The following morning we got up and headed to the Tooele Parade. The kids loved getting candy. After that we headed to the park for what I call "Jared's High School Reunion" Which is why I think we have to look our best. The kids loved the bounce house and Jared and I love seeing all our friends. 

             Later That evening we met up at our friends the Nash's for our annual BBQ. It is fun! I love all Jared's friends wives and The Nash's are always great host. To top the night off we hit the Grantsville fireworks. They are always the best and one of my favorite things about the 4th. 

The boys playing football

Isn't this the cutest! They love each other. Ty's girlfriend Gabby!

Ty protecting Gabby
Gabby telling Chloe to stay away from her man! Hah Hah!

All the Kids!!

The sexy mommies

The best picture I got of the men, they are proud of those guts.... Please tell that doesn't come with 30.


Ashley Luke said...

Ty and Gabby are so cute together, they are going to get married some day. I can't believe how there were protecting each other! Thanks for posting the cute pics, they gave me a good laugh!!

Camey said...

I love that they match! They are so so sweet! Looks like such a fun time!