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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Chloe Turns 6!

She is 6 and SASSY and boy do I mean that. Some days I Think she might be the life of me. She thinks everyday is  a party!!! CHORES are a major crisis. She is at a really fun age though and I do LOVE having a daughter to doll up! She makes me laugh and is defiantly the best big sister a little brother could ask for. I took these picture of her for her Birthday! She is the perfect model with some bribery.

FACTS ABOUT CHLOE AT 6: Interview from the Girl herself and little help from mom.
Her Favorite food is : Spaghetti Noodles with Butter and parmeasean, Pancakes with jam and Crepes.
She love all things girl!
Favorite Treat: Fruit snacks and taffy.
Favorite Toys: Barbies, plays with them most days.
Favorite Movie: Brave and The Lorax, (news to me)

Loves: dresses, sleep overs with mom and dad. Going to friends houses, being outside. Shes not afraid to get dirty but a total girly girl. Loves riding horses with papa, Jake and Sam. Has a amazing creative mind. Loves making things; artwork and crafts. Absolutely beautiful and proud to call her my daughter.

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