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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Jared turned 30 in October and for his Birthday I gave him a cruise. We couldn't go till February because of his job. I love cruises nothing like feeling like a princess for a week. I think they are the perfect combo for Jared and I. He loves food. I love to play dress -up. Our Friends the Petersens came with of course we only vacation with them. It works perfectly. I have my husband and my best friend to do girly things with. I have my other best friend friend to go on hikes and adventures with. It's quit funny Lisa and Jared are a lot alike. I think that why she is my best friend. I met her 9 years ago and we have instantly become best friends. She is like my sister, and most people ask if we are sisters minus are foot height difference. I never imagined I would find someone in my life as sweet as her. We have a friendship I could never explain to anyone it far deeper then any friendship I have ever had. We bring out the youth in each other when were together we can have a blast just talking. On our cruises we can act like were in college again and dance and laugh with are husbands until are stomach hurts. I am so grateful for the fun, great person Lisa is.
Our favorite night on our cruise was Mardi Gras night. They had a big dance on the deck and we all danced the night away and laughed so hard. The threw out beads and masks. They filmed us and the next day we got to watch our selves in our cabin. It gave us a good laugh.

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