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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Freeport, Bahamas

Freeport was the first stop on our cruise and I must say that Freeport was also breathtaking. It gave us a good feel for the Bahama culture. Nassau was large with lots of money and more developed. Freeport was poor but gave us feel for the Bahamian Culture. I love to see the culture of places we travel. When we got of the ship we thought it was kind of a dump. We found a taxi which I swear was going to fall apart and just told them we wanted to go the beach. Jared and I was in the front seat with the driver and we were packed in that taxi like sardines. I am pretty sure that it was supposed to fit 8 people tops and we had 11 people. They drive on the opposite side of the street and it was a bit scary sitting up front with no seat belt. I feel like I could write a book about the taxi rides I have taken. I took one every few days for 4 months while in San Francisco. Anyways we got to the beach and it was so beautiful. It was warm and so great to feel the sun. I am such a summer girl. We laid out and then Brent and I got bored so we went for adventure. We walked down the beach and gathered see shells we walked quit far and we found this lagoon. We crawled over all this coral and was able to see sing rays and have a killer view. As we were searching through the coral I found two huge sea shells and I was pretty dang proud of my self. The one weighed I bet 5 lb.s and I packed that massive shell all the way back to Utah. After the beach we headed across the street to do some Bahamian shopping. I love shopping in foreign countries and bardering for goods. I got Chloe a darling hand made purse and Ty a wooden turtle. Jared was waiting for a Bahamian lady to sew Chloe's name on back and the lady in the shop was hollering names to like "baby" and "muscle man". Every where we go on vacations Jared gets a lot of attention for some reason. It always gives us a good laugh...

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