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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Swimming with the Dolphins

Here is the beginning of many posts from our amazing vacation last week. It was everything I needed sunshine, relaxation, food, hubby to my self, laughs and of course best friends to enjoy it all with. I had to split the post up into different section because we took over 900 pictures. Yes we love pictures (that is Lisa and I). The boys were tried of all the pictures but I am so glad I have them.
We loved the Bahamas and would defiantly visit Nassau again. It was beautiful. We visited Blue Lagoon it was this cool little tucked away Lagoon in the middle of the ocean. We did the Dolphin Swim. I had swam with the dolphins on my graduation trip so I was a little skeptical about doing it again. It was on my BFF Lisa bucket list so we decided to do it again and was so glad we did. Dolphins are such fun playful animals. I was actually surprised of everything we got to do with them. We got a kiss and hug from the dolphin. We got to dance with the dolphin which was super fun. We got to feed the dolphin and do many other things. I did expect the ocean water to be a bit warmer though. It was quit cold, especially when the dolphin would splash all over you. It was fun to be able to have this experience with Dolphins again.

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