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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today Marks a Special Day!

3 Years ago today I had Fetal surgery on Tyson. It was a emotional day. I remember being scared but also feeling a overwhelming sense of calmness. I knew heavenly father was with me. I remember being wheeled down to the operating room for the surgery at UCSF in San Francisco. I looked at Jared trying hold back tears. I remember my mom coming to the OR and both Jared and my mom giving me hugs. Then I remember the OR room I remember the nurse Rachel telling me how brave I was and reassuring me.
It was defiantly the lowest point in my life. My world was turned upside down. I was excited to be having my second child and after hearing his devastating diagnosis the excitement wore off. I was upset, mad, angry, scared, you name it I felt it all. I felt guided to a experimental surgery that not many knew much about. I researched and decided to fly out for evaluation. After receiving more devastating news about Tyson diagnosis when we arrived we knew we were supposed to do the experimental surgery. We decided to do it, we were randomized to the pre-natal surgery. We put are faith in Heavenly Father. We continued to hope that we would have success. It was a begining of a journey for us one that we did not know where it would lead us. 3 Years later we are extremely grateful for the journey. It taught us many lessons and we witnessed many tender miracles. We learned who the most important people were to us. We felt many peoples prayers and know those prayers are a big part of are little miracle. I love Tyson so much! He will forever share a special bond with me something I will never be able to explain. He is my little buddy! Some times I look at him and am amazed as I see his little legs march around the house. I am so greatful for his success and fetal surgery.
3 Years Later on February 26, Tyson
Walks and Runs
Is full of life. Tyson has a very lovable personality
Loves to make messes.
Makes a lot of people laugh.
He says about 40 words.
He can climb on most anything.
I feel so lucky to be his mom, he is very special, sweet kid and I know he has a special purpose on this earth.

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