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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

She's growing up and I hate it!

Latley I can't believe I will have 6 year old in a few short months. Where did all that time go. I have loved having my kids at home. It is crazy to think next year both my kids will be going to Stansbury Elementary. Woah! Sad days for this Mommy! Chloe is such a sweet girl! She has to be the best big sister ever. It's not always easy being a sister of a child with a disability but she has taken it so well. Often times Ty gets more time, with his appointments and various therapies. She just takes it and never complains. She is always next to him to lend a hand when he falls and such a good baby sitter when im not around. She adores him and he adores her. This why I am sending them to the same school. She is such a protector over him and I want them to be together.
A few facts about Chloe that I don't want to forget:
At 5 years old
Chloe loves making things, she has very creative mind and is constantly creating art work. She makes jewelery out of paper, books, and various pictures. In free time at pre-school she makes tons of crafts and letters and she comes home with a full bag of artwork.
She has a big imagination: Yesterday I was watching her out the window playing and talking to her self. A few weeks ago she had a leprechaun obsession. She was determined that she would indeed catch a leprechaun and get a pot of gold. She build traps around the house and had her dad write a not to the leprechaun. She is to funny.
She still lets me dress her up and do her hair like my doll and I truly dread the day she wont let me. I love having a girl and picking out all the fun girl things.
She has always loved movies and could watch one every night if we would let her.
Her favorite foods are crepes, spaghetti noodles with Parmesan cheese no sauce.
She really doesn't care for sweets her favorite snacks are cracker and cheese.

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The Hunsakers said...

She is gorgeous! Why? Because she looks just LIKE YOU! Seriously adorable pictures!