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Friday, May 18, 2012

Feeding the Ducks!!

One of our favorite activities in the summer is feeding the ducks in the Stansbury Millpond. We save all are old bread, cereal, crackers and make a trip to feed the ducks. Once the ducks see you with food they start coming at you. They are very friendly. The kids love it! After I wanted to take a few pictures of the kids so we walked over to a grassy area. Ty had taken off his shoes and left them on the grass a few feet away from us. They were brand new shoes and I had just taken the tag off when we left the house. The ducks followed us over to the grassy area along with a few seagulls. I am snapping pictures and a seagull goes running past me picks up one of Tys's shoe in its mouth and flys away. I am screaming, "no you give that shoe back", the kids are in aw and then they start laughing. Luckily the stupid seagull dropped the shoe. I am sure it was site to see me running and screaming at a seagull. When we got in the car the kids started laughing and Ty said mom run and say "give that show back". It was funny, memorable moment I want to remember with my kids.

This one is my favorite. The ducks would follow him right to our car.

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