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Monday, May 21, 2012

Life's Most Precious Gifts!

Lately I  have thought of how lucky I am to be a mom. I love these little ones. They are my life. After feeding the duck I took these pictures. Chloe is such a little model and I love it. Ty on the other hand hates the camera. He wont even look at it and it takes a lot of time and Patience to get a good picture of him. It's okay I have a lot of side profile pictures. Did I mention I love spring and summer so much. I love being able to go outside any time we want. I love the relaxation and I love being able to watch m children play outside. It is when I really see the childhood wonder in their eyes.

Chloe and Ty are seriously best friends and take such good care of each other. I love how they are so protective of one another. My brother and I were always really close and I see that same love in my children. I hope they always have that love for each other.

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